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Introducing 'Premium Coaching' from America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Danette May

Manifest Your Dream Health, Wealth and Relationships
and Live Your Best Life Yet

Discover how to break your old patterns, embrace abundance and have more self-love. Unlock your unlimited potential and work with me today.

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Tired of not living up to your potential— but have no idea where to start?

I know exactly what that feels like. 

Getting by everyday is one thing. But actually being happy, fulfilled and present with every single aspect of life… Waking up everyday knowing you’re living up to your full potential…

Sometimes, it feels impossible.

You’re not alone. Tell me…

When it comes to relationships… Do you feel stuck or trapped? Maybe you’re resentful of your current partner. Or maybe you’re single and keep repeating the same toxic patterns. Either way, it feels like no matter how hard you try, you’ll never have the relationship you deserve.

When it comes to your health… Are you constantly tired and drained of energy? Maybe you feel insecure about your appearance. Or maybe you have chronic health issues that never go away. Whatever the case, it just feels like your dream body is always out of reach.

When it comes to your finances… Does it feel like you’ll never make enough money to live the life you truly want? Maybe you’re tired of just getting by. Or maybe you’re ready to finally travel, live comfortably and enjoy the best life has to offer—but you have no idea how to start.

If you answered yes to any of the above, you have come to the right place. 

You can manifest the health, wealth and relationships of your dreams… and I’m going to show you exactly how.

The secret to manifesting your dream life is this

When women are born, we’re almost immediately burdened with belief systems that dictate what we should say, how we should act, what we should look like and how we should think. 

These expectations are a lot to carry. And when we take them on, they quiet the deep wisdom and intuition of the powerful, divine being that is YOU as a woman. The result?

We end up meeting everyone’s expectations—except our own. We neglect to satisfy our needs. We forget to realize our dreams. And our true, individual potential falls to the wayside.

Here’s the truth: Everything you’re seeking? The answers are already within you.

If you are dreaming of un-layering and uncovering your unlimited potential and true happiness—part of my life purpose is exactly coaching you through the steps to get there.

From discovering your true purpose, to actually living it and manifesting your ultimate reality—I believe in you and we’ll do it together.

Are you ready to stand in your power, embrace abundance—and finally become the best version of you?

Introducing Premium Coaching

My high-level group coaching program for women who want to break their old patterns
and live into the fullest expression of themselves.

Imagine yourself stepping into a new role, owning your story, and basking in your success…

Imagine yourself feeling fantastic and confident, sharing your truths with others, and claiming your space in this world…

Imagine taking all of your “what ifs”, your dreams, your passions, and making them your reality.

THESE are the kind of changes I want to help you make. And today, you and I have the opportunity to do this—together.

In Premium Coaching, I help you realize your full potential by telling you the whole truth of what it actually takes for you to get to the next level of your life. 

It’s not always what you want to hear—but it makes the real difference so you can manifest your wildest dreams. 

Plus with inspiration and guidance along the way, you’ll have everything you need to keep pushing forward.

Picture yourself taking this journey with me…

Imagine having access to the most loving and supportive group of women—where we lift each other up, but also tell it to each other straight anytime we need to.

Imagine pushing yourself to be the best version you can be—while surrounding yourself with others that are moving forward, too.

Imagine having a world of encouragement at your fingertips—where you join live coaching calls with me, and learn from all of my hard-earned wisdom without the costly mistakes.

Imagine getting the chance for 1-on-1 coaching sessions—where you can hash out your hopes, clear your mental blocks, and get the guidance you need to break through to the next level of your life.

Today, you no longer have to imagine.

When you join me in Premium Coaching, you get to experience all of these—and so much more.

Get access to 24 hours of group coaching calls with me: we’ll be going live for an hour twice a month, every month, for an entire year.

Join other women just like you in this once-in-a-lifetime experienceThese women are you, and you are them. You have so much you can learn from each other… So much to offer each other in terms of experience, support, and love…

There is an undeniable energy in a group coaching setting… You’ll find that everyone rallies to and around that energy, and it pushes people forward.

That group encouragement helps you to accelerate towards your goals at a much faster pace than if you tried to build toward them on your own.

Not to mention, you’ll have access to over 72 previous coaching calls and dozens of categorized worksheets in the private Facebook group.

What more can you ask for? It’s time to manifest the health, wealth and relationships of your dreams. 

Who am I—why do I coach?

My name is Danette May, and I’m the founder of Mindful Health, LLC, and The Rise movement. I’m a world-renowned motivational speaker, author of The Rise and other health and women’s empowerment books, former celebrity fitness trainer, wife, and mother. I’ve also shared my unique, inspiring message on national TV, including Access Hollywood, Hallmark Home and Family, CBS, and many others.

Since 2011 I’ve helped transform the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives of millions of people around the world by focusing on healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mind.

I teach students how to transform the “muck” of their lives into inner motivation, empowering them to transform their bodies and minds.

My mission is helping others love the bodies they live in and love the life they live!

My own rise began after losing my son during childbirth, getting divorced, and nearly becoming bankrupt and homeless, all one right after the other. It was then that I decided to stop being a victim, and rewrite my story. I began to focus on the four pillars of healing—healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mindset.

I can’t wait to share these pillars with you, and help you to realize your potential and manifest your dreams…

Like I said before, Premium Coaching is my favorite thing to do, and that’s because it allows me to meet you where you are on multiple levels, and give you all the support you need to lift you up to where you want to be. I want to help you RISE!

What Others Say About Danette May

My friend Danette shares her transformational story with courage, love, and vulnerability. She has handled loss, trauma, and hardship with incredible grace and created a life beyond her wildest dreams.

Danette will inspire you to rise up, heal old wounds, and live with radical authenticity and freedom!

Gabrielle Bernstein: #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Universe Has Your Back

The very first conversation I had with Danette May completely changed my business, my relationship to my husband who is also my business partner, and my life. I completely transformed my role in business. I got fully into my zone of genius. My husband stepped into his and our relationship and our business were taken to the next level. I am so very grateful for Danette’s deep wisdom about business and relationships and specifically relationships IN business in my life.

Grace Smith, World’s Leading Hypnotherapist and Founder of ‘Grace Space’

Real transformation is what happens when someone decides to listen to their soul no matter the consequences.

Danette is a warrior of truth-telling and truthful living.

Lori Harder, Top 100 Podcast Host, Transformational Coach, Fitness World Champion

Join me in Premium Coaching. Let's change your life together.

Here’s everything you get when you join me in my Premium Coaching program:


Access to 2 live coaching calls per month with me, where I’ll coach the group and a few individuals on specific topics based on the 4 core pillars of: health and fitness, relationships, money and abundance, and spirituality.

Note: If you can’t show up live, you’ll have access to all coaching call recordings so you can watch them at your own pace and still make incredible breakthroughs from watching others getting coached live.


Get access to archived recordings of all 72 live coaching sessions I’ve conducted from previous years of the program. Dive deep instantly into an incredible variety of topics, all at your fingertips.

Plus, Get Access To These Bonuses Worth Over $5,000


Get exclusive access to a private Facebook group for members to interact with one another, share experiences, offer support, and learn from each other.


$526 Value

Experience the essence of Earth Echo’s premium superfoods and supplements, meticulously crafted with utmost care for your health and the planet.

The bundle includes:

– 5 Pouches: Cacao Bliss, Golden Superfood Bliss, Collagen Peptides, Island Bliss and Chai Bliss

– 4 Travel Packs: Cacao Bliss, Golden Superfood Bliss, 
Chai Bliss and
Island Bliss


$197 Value

Get exclusive 1-year access to our unique platform with content related to health and nutrition, so you can start applying these strategies and seeing changes in real time


$5,000 Value

This event is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals, learn from guest speakers, and have a blast while transforming your life.


Get early, priority access to new products and retreats where limited spots are available. These ALWAYS get filled up by my Premium Coaching members!

What You Get When You Join Premium Coaching

Check out the bonuses you get when you enroll in the course:

Total Value: $29,723
Join Today: $4,997

How Premium Coaching will Transform Your Life

Health and Wellness

Relationships and Connections

Wealth and Abundance

Spirituality and Self Love

In Premium Coaching, you will dive deep into each of these pillars, gaining insights, tools, and support to transform your life and unlock your full potential.

Unleash Your Inner Power with Practical Tools

Journal Prompts

Channel your thoughts into paper to review later after coaching calls. Go from A to B, B to C.., and progressively go deeper within.

Through this tool, you will learn how to answer your own questions and process your emotions in a healthy and constructive way.

Meditations and Visualizations

Use meditations to clear your mind and regulate your nervous system. Listen to curated visualization exercises to supercharge your imagination.

Through these tools, you’ll be able to start training your mind for more abundance and make your energy more magnetic as you wire in more empowering thoughts and beliefs.

Why Everyone is Raving About Premium Coaching

I just started premium coaching and I am so glad I did! I have learned so much and grown so much in the last 4 months, I feel that I have already got my moneys worth. Your course teacher will guide you through an experiential workshop to support your understanding, including guided meditations, journaling exercises, I am so excited for the commitment I have made to my own personal growth:-)
Carla D.

I just started my 4th year in Fitrise and 3rd year in Premium Coaching. I look so forward to the coaching calls, learning, expanding and becoming the best that I can be. 

I not only love the live events and went to Costa Rica, but have met so many like minded women who have become some of my best friends. I’ve never met such a group of women who support each other and truly care about everyone! 

Join PC, you won’t regret it!

Karen R.

I’m on my 2nd year of Premium Coaching. I love the program. Having more access to Danette’s teaching and coaching takes my FitRise experience to the next level. 

I am working on my mindset, and truly loving my body, through all the tools and strategies she gives us month after month. If you’re in the fence about joining, do it. I’m so glad I did. reflection, or fellow student sharing.

Judy M.

What You Get When You Join Premium Coaching

Check out the bonuses you get when you enroll in the course:

Total Value: $29,723
Join Today: $4,997

Why your Premium Coaching Sisters have been in the program for years…

Premium coaching gave me the needed tools to challenge, understand and change the stories I told myself.

I had been aware of some of these tools but a key element had been missing.

I now had a support system to wrap me up in love, inspire me and help keep me accountable for my own journey.

Julie L.

Premium Coaching is AMAZING. I always feel so grounded and energized. 

 Danette May brings so much wisdom and fire to her coaching calls. If you’ve enjoyed this Abundance program, then PC is 1000 worth it. 

 I love being able to listen to replays for more information. I always get something out of a Premium Coaching call, even when I don’t think the subject pertains to me. It feels sometimes like Danette is speaking directly to me!!!

Heather F.

Wow, not enough space to share everything! BUT, self love, self confidence, learning what was holding me back, learning how to not be a people pleaser and to jump full into my new business. I’ve been in Fit Rise since 2017 but just signed up for PC last year.

I listened to ALL the back sessions and I had such amazing growth, even my husband saw it.

I knew I was signing up again this year!!

Laura S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Coaching is a transformative program designed to help you unlock your potential and live your best life. It combines guidance, powerful tools, and a supportive community to facilitate lasting changes in your life.

You can expect exclusive access to me,, with live coaching sessions and group coaching calls twice a month. You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group with coaching call recordings, worksheets, and ongoing support from a community of like-minded women.

By joining Premium Coaching, you’ll receive valuable bonuses including a 30-day supply of EarthEcho products, a one-year membership to the FitRise program, and admission to an exclusive yearly live gathering. These bonuses alone are worth over $5,000 and provide additional support and resources for your journey.

Once you join Premium Coaching, you’ll receive instructions on how to access the program materials and bonuses. You’ll have early bird access to new products and retreats, ensuring you always have priority and exclusive opportunities.
Premium Coaching is designed for anyone committed to transforming their life and achieving their goals. Whether you want to optimize your health, improve relationships, or grow your business, Premium Coaching provides the tools and support you need to succeed.
Coaching truly never ends, and that’s why more than 50% of the people who have joined premium coaching have renewed so far. This is not a one-and-done program, but rather a transformative experience that will continue to support you in your growth and evolution. Even if you achieve your initial goals within a year, you will likely want to continue learning and expanding with this community.
For any further information or questions, please feel free to contact my support team at support@danettemay.com. We’re here to assist you on your Premium Coaching journey.

What You Get When You Join Premium Coaching

Check out the bonuses you get when you enroll in the course:

Total Value: $29,723
Join Today: $4,997

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